Weekly Musings: A Weekend Away

I spent the most magical weekend in a thoughtfully decorated beach house right by the water in north Jersey. It was everything I needed to step away from the city for a quick refresh. I stayed with my boss and her husband, who are two of the most smart and talented people I know, both with genuinely contagious personalities. They consistently teach me new things ranging from the ins and outs of this crazy industry to the importance of embracing every minute of this life. We need more people like them.
Of course with a weekend filled with so much relaxation, wine and sunshine I fell into some much needed clarity. Sometimes the city feels a little too big and honestly just intimidating. It’s easy to get knocked down or worse, stay down when there are plenty more no’s than yes’s, especially in an industry where everyone is doing their best to stand out.
Here are a few takeaways from my weekend away:
1. Be the light in any situation, as often as you possibly can
2. Be inquisitive and ask questions (also know when to stay quiet)
3. Be present and take in every every experience as an opportunity to learn and grow
4. And go to the beach (as often as you possibly can)

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