Meet Maddie

Maddie Willer is a twenty something in a new city, with a new job and not nearly enough new clothes.  With a degree in fashion and business from Illinois State University,  Maddie is actively gaining experience within the fashion industry any chance she gets.  Currently she is assisting Blogger, TV host, and contributor Christine Bibbo Herr of @NYCPretty.  Daily tasks range from content creation to assisting on major New York  City events.  Beyond that, this summer she will be transitioning into a new role within Hearst Women’s Fashion Group working underneath 5 books including Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Redbook, Good Housekeeping, and Women’s Day.

With her recent move to NYC and all the ups and downs that have come along with it, Maddie has started to write about it in her spare time (AKA at 5AM while downing too many cups of coffee).  For a good laugh or a tip on making your apartment feel less like a shoe box and more like a living space, head over to the Blog section of the site.

Last summer Maddie was the Fashion Intern for Woman’s Day.  She spent her days maintaining the fashion closet, administirng desk-side appointments, attending editor press previews, assisting with credit requests, and doing market research.  She assisted on the following stories: Bargain Huntress, Fashion Feature, and Fun Finds Under $20. Maddie remained apart of the Woman’s Day team as a freelance writer under the style section on the site.  Visit the By Maddie section of this site to view some of her work for Woman’s Day and other publications.  These firsthand experiences and mentoring through her immediate supervisor truly furthered her passion for the industry.

Throughout her time at Illinois State University Maddie worked to combine her love for fashion with her passion for sustainability.   Maddie implemented an initiative called Fix It Friday backed by the Fashion Merchandising and Design Association through an internship with The Illinois State Office of Sustainability.  Fix It Friday offers FREE basic sewing, mending, and clothing repairs to the community of Bloomington-Normal with their entirely volunteer based staff, but skilled student labor force.  The initiative is working to promote sustainable fashion and the reduce of textile waste.  Maddie  received a grant of $5,000 on behalf of Fix It Friday to sustain the life of this initiative.  After the implementation of the initiative Maddie is joined the staff at The Office of Sustainability working on the continuity plan of Fix It Friday.  She hopes the intative will be around for years to come and continue to make a positive impact on this campus.

In college she has served as Vice President of the Fashion Design and Merchandising Association, a student organization focused on educating students of all aspects of the fashion industry.  Some of her duties as Vice President were organizing events, planning meetings, and networking with various individuals to set up guest speakers and social events.  FDMA also puts together an annual fashion show, this past year Maddie served as the Model Director for the 2017 Illinois State Fashion Show.